The Illumined Box
From $ 64.95

We are excited to announce the third edition of Orthobox: The Theotokos Edition! We are in need of her prayers more than ever in these difficult times. 

The Illumined Box is for those looking to dive deeper into the Faith. It will include two more challenging books, in addition to prayer items and an icon. If you've read everything in your parish bookstore, this one's for you!

Ships and arrives 4 times per year, just before important seasons of the Orthodox Church year begin (arrive-by date in parenthesis):

  • Great Lent (March 2) – the Lent Box
  • Pentecost (June 7) – the Apostles' Box
  • Dormition (August 15, new calendar) – the Theotokos' Box
  • Nativity Fast (November 28, new calendar) – the Nativity Box

Illumined Box Includes:

  • A book about the Orthodox Faith, Her teachings and traditions
  • An icon to place in your icon corner
  • A handmade item from an Orthodox artisan or monastery 
  • The Orthobox Prayer Journal, to help you keep up with the Church year
  • An assortment of icon cards and other inspirational items
  • A special gift for children (such as a book, craft, or coloring pages)

Only $64.95 per quarter (3 mos) or save 10 percent off if you invest in the entire year (4 boxes)

Shipping is $11.95 per box within the United States, more internationally.