The Inquirer Box
From $ 49.95

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the closures of so many churches around the world, Orthobox is sidelining the Apostles' Box this year in favor of The Little Church Box, a special box that will include everything you need to prayerfully observe the Church year in your home.

This will be a little different than normal Orthoboxes in that the focus will be less on books and icons, and more on other prayer-related items.

Our Lent Box was extremely well received. If you want to know what we included, please view the following video (YouTube link):

Orthobox Lent Box Unboxing

Here is the usual description for the Inquirer Box. Most of this still applies, but please keep in mind what's different as noted previously:

The Inquirer Box is for those discovering, on the journey towards, or just interested in learning more about the historic Orthodox Christian faith – whether you've grown up Orthodox or are coming from another tradition.

Ships and arrives 4 times per year, just before important seasons of the Orthodox Church year begin (arrive-by date in parenthesis):

  • Great Lent (March 2) – the Lent Box
  • Pentecost (June 7) – the Apostles' Box
  • Dormition (August 15, new calendar) – the Theotokos' Box
  • Nativity Fast (November 28, new calendar) – the Nativity Box

Inquirer Box Includes:

  • A book about the Orthodox Faith, Her teachings and traditions
  • An icon to place in your icon corner
  • A handmade item from an Orthodox artisan or monastery 
  • The Orthobox Prayer Journal, to help you keep up with the Church year
  • An assortment of icon cards and other inspirational items
  • A special gift for children (such as a book, craft, or coloring pages)

Only $49.95 per quarter (3 mos) or save 10 percent off if you invest in the entire year (4 boxes)

Shipping is $11.95 per box within the United States, more internationally.